Links to other evolutionary and ecological processes

In addition to the questions and studies described on the other pages of our website, we continue to search for new ways of answering questions on the coevolutionary process, the relentlessness of evolution, and the processes that shape the web of life in our constantly changing world.

For example, Christopher Schwind is currently leading a project on how various forms of environmental change may alter coevolving interactions by altering geographic selection mosaics and other aspects of the geographic mosaic of coevolution.

Other past studies have included experimental analyses how interactions with pollinators affect sexual selection in plants (Bookman), and how the evolution of defenses against predators depend on the cost of defense in different environments (Althoff)

Each of these studies, and our other studies, have been designed to test questions on coevolution that have important consequences for how natural selection shapes the web of life and, by implication, how our activities may be altering the coevolutionary process and the future of biodiversity.